White Arc Welding


 White Arc Welding

We are custom builders of charcoal fire boxes for smokers and bbq grills.

We use simple designs that provide you with outstanding cooking performance without the high cost.

 Whether you are smoking meat, fish or poultry, our charcoal fireboxes will provide you with the longest possible cooking times and the best flavors possible. If you can prepare the meat, our fireboxes will provide you with the cooking atmosphere that you need.

At WhiteArc Smokers we build fireboxes for customers all over the US. We only use heavy gauge expanded metal. We only use new mild steel or stainless steel. We never use galvanized products.

If you need a charcoal firebox for your drum smoker , vertical smoker, or any custom made grill give us a call or email. We can make the unit according to your specifications that will help you fulfill the cooking performance you desire.